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Please critique my singing technique and style.

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  • Please critique my singing technique and style.

    I really love singing. The thing is, i really dont have confidence to feel that im good because only a few people acknowledge it. Even my family dont encourage me to pursue it because it really is my dream.

    Here a recording of me singing against all odds.

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    You sound good man.
    work on your support.... make it rock solid, and essentially hold your breath - especially on the pushed parts.. you are pushing too much air over your cords and drying them out...

    And don't let anyone tell you not to follow your dream - -even family... if it's something you want, then go for it..

    You already sound good now, take some lessons.. do the exercises, and you'll rock it out..
    <div class="signaturecontainer">Cheers...</div>


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      Yep sounds good .... Keep going !!!!


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        you have a good voice, i like it. I agree with the posters above and there's room for improvement.


        • Ambita
          Ambita commented
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          You have nice voice color. Some parts sound a little pushed but you can easliy wok on that. Keep practicing very nice voice

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        Hey!! I really like your lower range, but in all honesty, your upper range needs working on!


        Here's my tip: next time, don't push the high notes out (no tightening of your stomach!) Try using head voice (not falsetto)! I suggest you look through the many YouTube tutorials for a better idea. That's where I learnt to sing and achieved my continuous 3-octave range! (Male, just like you!)


        If you need more help, I would be fully willing to assist you