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how to change my timbre?


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  • how to change my timbre?

    okay so after a lot more practice my friends say i am much more in pitch than i have ever been only problem is my timbre sounds plain. how do i go to changing my timbre?

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    It's all about experimentation.  Experiment with placement (nasal, projected, etc.), with mouth shapes, with grit, with more/less air, with volume.  If you're able to control your soft palate, that adds another important area for experimentation.

    Even things that are normally not part of proper vocal technique (e.g., tension) can be helpful in finding a sound.  I once had a teacher suggest that I chew the lyrics while singing (that was for a country sound, by the way).

    Think about the way that impressionists can often mimic singing voices--Jimmy Fallon is the most prominent one these days, with his Springsteen, his Neil Young, and his David Bowie being particularly impressive.  The fact that performers like Fallon can make their voices sound like pretty much anyone provides a good case for tonal experimentation.

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      It is known as a no-no amongst singers to learn by copying as opposed to what is the way every guitarist learn. Even well-known and experienced vocal coaches share this opinion. The reason is that you would want to develop you own unique sound and not being a copy-cat.

      This is bull**************** IMO! There is more than enough time to develop your own sound after you discover all the sounds that you can produce. Also, it's not contradiction being able to sound in various ways and sounding like yourself. The advantage is that you learn how to produce different sounds, and as important: How to NOT produce unwanting sounds!

      So my advice is to make a playlist of different sounding vocalists and mimic them as you sing a long. Also record yourself. A fun thing to do is to play "How would this song sound if nn sang it?" Johnny Cash version of "Living on a Prayer" and AC/DC version of "Forever young" etc.... Make your own singer lab, but most important: SING!