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  • Need An Exceptional Singer For A Record Deal

    Hi Guys,

    My name is Benedict. Im a songwriter/producer, and I'm looking for a singer with an exceptional voice.

    I've been in touch with a couple of contacts in the music industry, about gettin a record deal, (including Jeff Blue, the A&R executive responsible for the signing of Macy Gray and Linkin' Park, who sold 24 million copies of their debut album, 'Hybrid Theory') and I need a superb singer to perform my songs.

    If you like James Blunt's "You're Beautiful", or

    Bruno Mars' "Just The Way You Are" or

    John Legend's "Ordinary People";

    you will love my songs.

    So I need a singer who:

    1. Is male
    2. Is willing to perform R&B songs.
    3. Is able to hit high notes
    4. Resides in LA or NY.
    5. Is humble and cool. (We're not looking for **** with swag - no offense)

    *[Ability to play the piano well would be quite irresistable. And you dont even need to know how to write songs, as long as you have an exceptionally good voice.]

    If you meet the points above, record yourself singing Westlife's "Unbreakable" - the entire song, on the same key as Westlife sang it.

    Attach and email it, (along with a picture and short bio of yourself) to benedictton@yahoo.com and benedicttonn@gmail.com

    And if you're good, I'll contact you.


    *[If you cant hit notes as high as the ones on 'Unbreakable' but feel you still fit the profile, still get in touch.]

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    Or you could send a link, if you prefer that.


    • ido1957
      ido1957 commented
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      I think romi1212 has a high enough voice and fits the bill.

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    I could do it......no sweat at all......I'm even purty enough to make this happen. Unfortunately, at this point in my life I just don't want to deal with the hassles and burdens that fame, fortune and noteriety in general can bring.....

    Thanks though!


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      Thanks Ido1957... but who's Romi1212, hw do I get in touch with him?
      I understand ur view, Roberto, tho the proffession isnt notorious... it all depends on the individual... throw a wildcat in the desert and he will still paint it red... and throw an introvert like myself in an Ibiza party and he will find a place to sit and quietly watch the wild crowd... its not the profession... its the individual... so u cud reconsider... but like I said... i understand and thanks for commenting...


      • staticsound
        staticsound commented
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        Eddie Schnerpenksi, goes by Eddie-S-P...stage name.  Plays all over the LA area, and does a lot of R&B lounge work in Vegas.  He's def your man.

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      thanks staticsound. tho i dont know how to find him on this forum. Wats his username please?
      By the way, anywhere in California wud do.


      • ido1957
        ido1957 commented
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        if you would listen to some of the singers on this board you would find ROMY1212 pretty quick. Just sayin'

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      Thanks Ido1957, its just that i use a Nokia which doest have adobe flash, and it makes it hard to listen to stuff online, unless i download it first. Huhhh...


      • Onacor
        Onacor commented
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        You must have a computer to listen to them...

        I'm confused. How did you make direct contact with those you claimed in your OP, without having a singer on your songs already...
        I have never come across a professional, that told a Song Writter / Producer, that to get a record deal with YOUR songs, you need to find a exceptional singer....
        If your songs were of interest to them, they would accept just the instrumental, and invision their own artists singing it...

        So , I'm confused.... You must have the songs recorded (Or they wouldn't have given you the time of day, anywhere past the mail room)... So, you should share a link that we can hear a SAMPLE of your music, to see if it is worthy of our time to invest in it...

        Sorry for being blunt here, but too many dreamers and wannabe producers / song writters that think they have a magic pill populate these type of forums...


      • davie
        davie commented
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        Are you trying to break-in a new artist? Or do you want to sell your songs to an established act? If you're trying to sell songs then it might be easier to find a session singer to record your songs.

        How many completed songs (with lyrics and melody) are you looking to record?

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      *Yes i do have a computer, but im on the road now.
      *Labels wont sign you these days unless your already selling considerably online or youre a singer with excepttional songs. Ive got the songs but no singer.
      *Copyright concerns Onaco, copyright concerns.


      • staticsound
        staticsound commented
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        Ido has already told you somebody on this forum to check out. How are you gonna find a singer if your only Internet access is your Nokia phone? If someone does send you a link, how do you plan on listening to it, if its a YT link or anything else that requires flash? Do you not have a library or any other number of places you could go to get online? If you have copyright concerns, why aren't your songs registered with BMI or ASCAP? Obviously somebody has heard these magic tunes that are gonna get you a record deal? Why not post a 20sec sample?

        Totally went all RockinRobbie with the question marks.....I smell a turd.

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      Hi Staticsound
      *I will be off the road eventually, and i will get to a computer.
      *I am registered with the US govt copyright office at copyright.gov
      *Registration Number: SRu001062809
      Registration Date:
      Registration Title:
      When I Hold You In My Arms
      *But with experience, you will know that the most efficient copyright is to make sure you are the first to release ur songs, cos in court you must prove that the copycat artist's song didnt COINCIDENTALLY sound like urs - the burden of proof is on YOU - not to mention the cost of litigation.
      *When I find the appropriate artist, only then will i play my songs to him. And if you noticed, I didnt ask for anyone to send me his songs.
      Im just asking for a simple cover of one of Westlife's high note songs. I dont want a studio-produced recording. The artist can even record it on his phone with the sound of the pet elephant in the background. And it doest need to be the whole song, just the chorus. just Something to assure me that he can hit notes as high as Everest.
      I really dont have any more chops to for u guys to burst So i wont be able to reply anymore grilling.

      Hi Davie,
      *Im breaking a new artist.
      I have enough songs for an album. Even if a popular artist wants to perform one of them, I would decline. Its got to be a new unsigned artist. Cos i churn out songs, and cant keep pace shopping singles.


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        wow. you don't make sense benedictton..
        but who cares.. I'm sure you'll get some one who is desperate to send ya something. -- maybe --...
        But remember dude, you are asking for a great singer... YOU need to show them WHY they should reply to you...
        Would you take a job, if you just seen someone online saying :
        Hey, I have a opening at my company.. I won't tell you any details of it, but if you can type on a keyboard really fast, I have been in Contact with Bill Gates . etc. etc.
        Send me a video of you typing and if I like what I see, I'll let you know the company and more details..

        Except for the fact that I'm sitting in a coffee shop, bored -- I wouldn't have responded to this posting again, as it is just ridiculous.. But I did.. ;-)
        Anyway.. good luck...



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          Thanks Onacor


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            If there isnt anyone else with words like 'pathetic' to throw at me... Id like to say...

            If you can hit very high notes... email me... and we'll take it from there.

            But pls... only if you can really hit very high notes.

            So we dont waste each others time.


            On another point...

            ... Whoever feels its wise to post on a forum, a song which might soon be released on a major record label...

            ... So that every1 and his pet ostrich can hear it... along with pple whose real intensions might be questionable...

            ... whoever feels such is wise...

            ... well what can I say...

            That person is the wisest person the music industry has ever known.

            If Bill Gates offered him a job... he would insist on having all the source codes to the Windows operating software first.

            I repeat...

            He is the wisest person in the music industry.


            • Onacor
              Onacor commented
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              sigh... check craigslist