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Voice cracks and strains when singing?


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  • Voice cracks and strains when singing?

    How can I fix this or at least improve this even just a little bit? When I was younger I was able to hit certain notes especially high notes perfectly now at 31 though it sounds horrible cracked straining absolutely horrible it depresses me because music has always been an emotional outlet for me . Please help me fix this any advice would be beyond appreciated.

    Here are some examples:







    Just a few examples it constantly crushes my self esteem when I try to hit the notes I used to hit so effortlessly it depresses me so much sighs.

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    I listened to a couple of the clips and I didn't hear any cracking or major issues. I actually think you sound perfectly fine. Is there a specific spot where your voice is cracking? Has this issue been a sudden change or a more gradual change?

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      Has it been long since you sang regularly?

      If so, you could just be a bit rusty. =/

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        Beauty and the Beast - you changed keys a few times. But your pitch was fine whatever key you were in. The sound quality was pretty bad though and without music it's hard to tell how well you sing on pitch.
        If you're even slightly serious about sounding good for these clips buy yourself a decent recording mic and software.These laptop camera videos are pretty hard to take....