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Should I stay in college or pursue my dream?

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  • Should I stay in college or pursue my dream?

    Music and singing has been my passion since I was very little. I was always determined to make it big someday and go for my dream. A few years ago I gave up on that dream because I was told by my parents that it was a long shot, I needed a "logical" career and we didn't have the money for me to make it in the business.  So i decided I would major in music therapy in college. I'm now nearing the end of my freshman year in college and I'm realizing maybe this isn't the direction I should go with my life. Performing, writing and singing will always be my true passion.  Because I'm having to learn classical repertoire and I'm spending so much time doing stuff for school, I haven't had the time to sing or write the kind of music that I love. 

    My family doesn't have a lot of money but I have the passion and the drive I believe to get where I want to be. My goal is to someday be able to get recogonized by a top agency and move to nashville. I'm afraid I'm going to be wasting 4 possibly 5 and half years in college instead of pursing my dream.


    Also this past fall I took lessons at a modeling/acting/talent school and I was one of the selected few out of three hundred students  to go to this talent convention in front of top managers and agents in New York. But I'm unable to attend because I can't afford it. I was told by the same agency/school that I'm in my prime and if I wanted to make it in the business I needed to go all in to make it work.  What are some of your guys opinions on college and making it in the music business?

    Also a friend of mine is doing the same thing. He dropped out of college after two years to pursue music full time. He's been going at it for a year now and he's not that big yet, but he's recorded an album and is performing a lot of places locally.

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    Go to Nashville and live your dream or else you might regret it for the rest of your life. Keep your expectations real though.


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      Hey Hannah, I've heard your singing ever since you've been on the forum and I believe that you're really talented. I also believe that you shouldn't neglect your dream either, its worth pursuing. Life's too short to be doing the things you don't like. I'm not sure about music therapy, but I think it might be a good idea to build a musical education, maybe in something more relevant/practical like vocal performance, music composition/songwriting, music production, etc. I also wouldn't bank on trying to be "discovered", too many people these days have this mentality of instant gratifaction, its just not realistic. The music industry isn't what it use to be, artists don't get as much support from the labels as in the past. But doesn't mean you can't be successful. I think its more important for yourself to be resourceful, know the business, know how to promote and market yourself and take things into your own hands.

      I hope this helps.

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        Hello Hanna !!

           If you get a music degree it needs to be with an Education minor so you can get a teaching certificate.

        You get a pension and benifits as a school music teacher.  Continued good behavior is an absolute must,

        no drinking and driving problems to prevent you from moving into teaching.

           You might also consider a two year degree in Nursing.  You could get an LPN degree, then the healthcare field opens up for you. Continue playing music and work on getting an RN if you want more money.

              Or you could become a certified medical billing specialist in about 6 months. Or a Paralegal in about a year. I would continue playing and singing no matter what.


           As far as modeling goes, you need to join a gynm with a bunch of Nautalus machines and use the machines with NO weight on them or maybe 10 pounds, so you dont damage your tendons or knees ect.

        Do more repetition rather than more weight!!

        Easy to hurt yourself with the machines with weight on them..but if you use them carefully.. you get tremendous results !!!!

        Gym is a must for modeling.

           Many guys at the gym will try to act like they are trying to help you and get you to lift heavier weights, but it simply wont work..you are there to look sleek not like a lady weight lifter!!  And besides you do not want to have an injury.

            The biggest problem with modeling is that someone might claim to have a "modeling" job..but it is really a job as a call girl. You DO NOT want to go there !!!!!!!!! Or any adult modeling ..NO..NO..NO..never!

           I listened to your Youtube songs and thought you have a lot of potential in music..You kind of sound like Stevie Nicks from Fleetwood Mac.  Pop music is a possibility.

            So I would decide how long of a education you want,  look for free college grants and job training to pay for the school.

          Get a potential career set up, keep playing music and then go music full time when you have at least 6 month to one year career training..LPN..Paralegal..Medical billing..Keep playing music while in school.



        • singergirl246
          singergirl246 commented
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          Thanks you guys for the advice and support.

          It's going to take a lot of praying and thinking over things this summer. I really feel like God is going me in that area.  It's also like I said my dream. I can't see myself doing anything else, but I want to keep things in prespective and think logically.  But I do think that if I do this I need to do it soon or at least start getting contacts and my name more out there.

          The fame or the money isn't important as long as I'm doing what I was meant to do.

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        Could you go to Nashville over the summer break? It's good to follow your dream but it's also wise to have a back up plan.  Many people end up in careers that are not what they majored in college.  

        More than one famous musician has a degree:


        English – John Legend

        English – Rivers Cuomo (front man for Weezer)

        English Literature – Paul Simon

        Advertising – Kenny Chesney


        Advertising – Garth Brooks

        Biomedical Engineering – Gregg Gillis

        Mathematics – Art Garfunkel

        Economics – Young MC

        Mass Communications – Carrie Underwood

        Biology and Geology – Greg Graffin (front man for Bad Religion)

        Film – Jim Morrison

        Business – Ludacris

        Physics and Mathematics – Brian May (guitarist for Queen)

        Ancient History - Chris Martin (Coldplay)

        Anthropology - Will Champion (Coldplay)

        Mathematics - Jonny Buckland (Coldplay)




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          An education is always important honey but so are your dreams.


          If It were me and only me id pursue the education and then pursue the dream.


          There are many artists that wish they would have had a normal childhood including college dont lose sight of how important that is hon many miss it later on knowing that they had the chance but didnt take it when they could.Best of luck no matter what you do .


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            Who's to say you can't do both? You're talented, so could you go to a small community college in Nashville and only take classes on weekdays, then perform on nights/weekends? 


            • Todzilla
              Todzilla commented
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              Get a degree, hone your craft and pursue it with gusto.

              Talent is important, but so is luck and having something to fall back on is great.

              Worst case, you can pursue music as a very serious avocational pursuit without worrying about pandering to an increasingly capricious market.  Actually, worst case is you spend 20 years pursuing a singing career only to end up penniless and with no degree.

            • Onacor
              Onacor commented
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              quick and short...
              Education - noone can take that away from you..
              Music Career - only there till you blink..

              Choice is easy man... do the education , then do music if you want afterwards for a career.

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            Thanks you guys.

            I'm actually doing both...for now.

            I've been signed to a mangement and development group. They've been working with me by getting me gigs. They're also renting out studio space for me to record an EP that will be sent to labels. They're also working on my acting career for me.  They've sent my resume and headshots to top agents in the south east. So I should be signed and going to casting calls within a few weeks.

            I'm still attending school in the fall but I'm getting my foot in the door with music and acting.

            I'm not quitting school unless anything major happens,  meaning a once in a life time offer from a label.


            • Onacor
              Onacor commented
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              Good.. stay focused.. stay smart.