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    This guy is amazing @ 12 I honestly don't know how he can belt that.

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    First off, he's asian.

    And then, he's born with a high voice. Like Robert Plant, Freddie Mercury etc, such singers sound awesome around those notes. I'm not sure what you mean with 'belt', apart from not sounding nasal/weak.

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    • ido1957
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      I've seen all their videos and they are truly great singers. I guess some people are just born with it.

    • classicsinging
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      No one is just born with it--they've definitely worked to be able to sing like that! Maybe not formally or not with a coach, but my guess would be they've been singing, a lot, for years and years and years.

      Anyone wanting to sing should not be discouraged--the vocal cords are just muscles like anything else. If you grew up using them to sing, you'll in effect have been "practicing" for years. If not, starting might be hard, but it doesn't mean you just "don't have a voice". It's just like if you grew up skiing, not seriously but just for fun, and then you went skiing in college with a friend who'd never gone before. You'll look like a professional, but you might feel like you're just doing what you've always done since you were a kid.

    • hatemyvoice25
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      Thats the thing that is so strange when you are younger it seems easier to hit those high notes yet when you grow older its as if you lose that.


      I dont understand that thats what happened to me I used to be able to sing effortlessly and hit those high notes so easily now....sighs so depressing for me.

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    good singers!


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      Wow! That was amazing...


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        Very good singer. Well done...

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