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LOTR - Enya - live by Elena


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  • LOTR - Enya - live by Elena

    Hi guys.

    Here is my live recording of Enya's song "May it Be" from the first "Lord of the Rings" movie "Fellowship of the Ring". This clip is from my concert in Switzerland with Thomas Hienz World Music. They got three outfits for me to wear through the concert and this one is definitely my favorite. <img src=" src="http://themodernvocalist.punbb-hosting.com/img/smilies/smile.png" border="0" />


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    I don't know who I am responding to.. Elena or Robert... I am new. First day. Wanna say GREAT video. Great voice. Great choice. Kudos


    • RobertHouse
      RobertHouse commented
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      This is Elena. Thank you for the kind words.

      I first signed up for this forum with my dad's help because I was twelve. Maybe I should sign up again as myself. I'll ask him.

    • Jaclynh
      Jaclynh commented
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      Wow! I love your voice. When I listened to this my heart was pounding and I was really feeling it.

    • TravisWright210
      TravisWright210 commented
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      You have a gift. I hope you develop it and enjoy it for an entire lifetime, Elena. You will go far no matter what you do. 

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    Thank you so much, Travis & Jaclynh.

    This is another song from that concert. If you liked "May it Be", you're gonna love "The Channel".