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Your opinion on my voice Please !


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  • Your opinion on my voice Please !

    Hello !

    I would like your opinion on this interpretation of "Someone Like You" (vocal technique ...)

    Thanks !


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    The beginning was a little shaky but once you passed the first chorus it was perfect. I can hear your accent a lot - where are you from?

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    • PRS_JRW
      PRS_JRW commented
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      I'm not going to give you a Mariah Carey review. There was no feeling at all in the performance. The words were over pronounced and the melody was underwhelming.

      This particular song is based on the deep feeling of loss of love and the flaunting of a new relationship in the face of the person who lost. If you don't connect, you don't deliver. The other point is that your singing was out of tune in a few places. Listen closely to the way that Adele riffs over the melody. It's not random notes, but similar to those a musician uses.

    • partlycloudy
      partlycloudy commented
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      It sounded good to me. A bit dull, but I think that's just the song (not your fault)

    • Sandie Nielsen
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      Your voice is very nice! I just have to say, please dont take it bad that some people are critical, cause they are not right! You did it very well!! And i think that you do have feeling, you dont do it the same way as her, which is with more volume, but this is your style, and you did it well! There are some places where the tuning goes a bit, but its not much, and its normal!!! If you sing in english, then that is one thing that you should focus on, your pronunciasion, i am danish, but sing in english, so i have to think about that too, and sometimes people say, "hey, that word there you should try to sing it with more u sound" or something like that. That would be a good thing for you to do I like your voice! So keep up the good work!!

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    It was quite good, a bit dull at moments... You should pronounce the words more!


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      Nice!!!! Very nice!!!