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Stage presence?

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  • Stage presence?

    I'm a decent singer and am working to improve.  But that's not why I'm posting here.  My problem, which I could use some help with, is that I'm kind of an awkward performer.  I'm mostly okay once I start singing, but if I have to say anything between songs, I'm very stiff.  And I can see on video I've taken of myself that even singing I have sort of a stoic demeanor much of the time that doesn't necessarily go with what I'm usually singing.

    It does help when I have an instrument to hide behind, and it helps when I'm with a band, but I'm not where I'd like to be.

    One thing I've noticed about singers and other performers I admire is that they look like they are fully engaged and that they are performing without shame/embarassment.   I feel like if I were to carry myself the way they do, people would spot me as someone who is just pretending.  They look cool, I would look stupid, I think to myself.  This is the wrong attitude, I know, but…

    Part of it, I'm sure, is just lack of experience and comfort level with what I'm doing.  I go out to open mics from time to time just to gain experience performing.  Does anyone have any suggestions of other things I can do to improve?

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    An old trick that I can guarantee will help your stage presence is to rehearse in front of a full length mirror.

    Go to your local home improvement store and buy the cheapest full length mirror they have - these are the mirrors that many people have attached to their bedroom closet doors.  They don't cost that much.  Mount it to the wall in front of your mic stand in your rehearsal room, and you'll get immediate feedback about how you come across to your audience.  It sounds like you have some artists that you compare yourself to... just emulate what they're doing when performing.  Study their poses when holding still too - don't be afraid to combine stillness and movement in your stage show.  :manwink:

    My band "The Executives" website : TheExecutivesMusic.com


    • deepflight
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      Kid: Thanks for the suggestions.  I have a mirror that I use to check things like body alignment when I sing, but that's a good idea to practice the way I look when I sing.  Sort of obvious, I suppose, but I didn't think of it. :-)


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    Every once in a while, when appropriate, close your eyes while you sing. It let's you subtract the crowd for just a second. Also, If you spend the whole time with your eyes open, the crowd feels awkward. It's almost as if you're kissing someone whilI watching them. :/


    • deepflight
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      Masklin wrote:
      Try smiling!

      Lol.  That seems like obvious advice, but you are right.  If I can see that I'm not happy with what I do, I should just change it. :-)

    • RonMexico
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      Hahahaaa. Yeah, it sounds like the subject matter of your songs might be a little too light for that. I definitely wouldn't close my eyes the whole time. It really works to communicate deeply felt lyrics. Maybe if your lover really REALLY did you wrong.

    • Aroidan
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      I see this behavior ALL the time. Usually it comes from a lack of confidence overall. Keeping your eyes closed the entire time is bad because it disconnects you from the audience, you need to make eye contact with them. The key to stage presence is to connect with the song, connect with the audience, and most importantly HAVE FUN. You are the one with the balls to get up on stage and sing infront of a bunch of strangers!!! Be proud of that fact and let it show. During certain points of songs pick out a person in the audience and sing it to them. Just some thoughts!