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Earplugs and singing live questions--


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  • Earplugs and singing live questions--

    I was curious about the efffect of earplugs on the pitch of a persons voice while singing live rock/metal style.  I have always not considered myself a singer but rather a back up singer but am finding that my lead singer always wear earplugs while we rehearse and gig.  Is he hearing the same pitch as me- for I do not wear earplugs but am willing to jump into the fire with them.  I need advice on pros and cons. Pitch difference--best kind of plugs db range etc-----


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    Hear-O's work alright without too much pitch muffling.. Your singer is probably using it to make up for not hearing himself well in the monitors, Kinda like how sometimes you'll see singers covering one ear while singing important passages. It allows you to use the vibration of your skull to help you "hear" your voice.. I myself just try to hear my voice in the monitors, because I lose too much sound of what I am playing with plugs in.. Hope this helps..
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      I ran into this exact issue using earbuds for my Aviom monitor. It drove me nuts, so I got some "earhook" style headphones to use instead. To your point, I'm not totally sure that you hear the same exact note as not using an earplug, but I can pretty much guarantee that it will just be the low frequencies.


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        True--my ears are losing the highs form years of guitar--so when I out in theplugs--bye bye guitar hello bass--ugh--such is life and my fault for not using them earlier in life---what?---what?--what did you say?



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        Hey Groovy

        I have always worn 1 earplug when I sing live. This helps immensely with the pitching and stops you from pushing your voice to much whils still letting you get the full 'feeling' of the gig - try it out



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        I went to in-ear monitors a few years ago, and that's really the way I prefer any more. When you see people pull one out, it's typically because the mix in their ears is off and they need more of one instrument or another to find their place. Even in metal music, there's a place for in ears if the mix is right. Things always sounded muffled and dull with plugs, even Hear-O's. It's not that the pitch is off, it's that there's a loss of timbre, and this can cause singers to sing slightly flat.