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  • High notes in chest voice

    Anyone have any tips for hitting higher notes in the chest voice. Right now I seem to have to shout the notes and when I do that I lose tone and get pitchy. I have tried going into falsetto and droping down into a chest/head voice but still no luck. I want to be able to get better at this so I can sing a lot more of the contempory pop/rock/country songs as it seems almost all of them are singing in a tennor range and I just don't quite have that high end. Any tips would be awesome.

    Here is a video of me attempting some rascall flatts.


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    I also listened to your Hooty and the blowfish cover, which I thought was decent and more comfortable for you. Whereas the Rascal Flatts song was quite pitchy and a bit of a struggle. It also seemed like you weren't that familiar with that song either. lol. The high notes in the chorus were around an F#4 I believe. I don't think that note should be sung in chest voice, it needs to be in a 'heady mix'. That's right at the tenor passaggio. I think you need 'mix head' a lot earlier in your range and add some more forward placement, which might make it easier to develop those upper notes. I also notice you lifting your shoulders on the high notes, which I think you should try to avoid. It might help to be aware of your head neck and body posture especially trying to sing high, because sometimes the posture can sometimes make or break the voice. Try out these suggestions and see how it goes.

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      you got the volume right but sing more relaxed...try inhaling through mouth only.


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        You need to work on connecting your head voice. Once you can connect easily, you can start "leaning" into the sound more and adding more chest resonance. It takes awhile to build up this mid voice area...F4-A4 roughly...and make it sound chesty.

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      I used to try to sing higher in my chest voice and not only was it a struggle to not be pitchy but it would hurt my throat after awhile. To stop the damage I was doing I started classes with a really great teacher named Richard Fink. He has a really great personality and amazing techniques.

      Richard Fink IV

      Since then I have focused on Classical singing and I have an ex-opera singer as my teacher now. He has taught me the classical techniques to sing in my upper registers. Some of those basics are :

      - The higher the note, the more open you mouth should be.

      - keep your tongue down against the bottom of your mouth

      - keep the muscles around your vocal cords relaxed so they don't rise or lower in your throat (using your throat muscles to force a note will move the larynx and can cause pitchiness) 

      I hope that was helpful.



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        Yeah I did not know that song very well just learned it that day and the timing on it is pretty fast. Thanks for all the feedback. Are there any techniques I can use to try and work on closing the bridge inbetween my head voice and chest voice?


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          I am trying to work on this too, you sound good though. I will keep you updated on my progress and any good tips I find!


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            Well u really should use some pitch exercises check arceneaux youtube channel for more information, also if u think tis too high, download audacity and pitch it down lower.. u really need to start up low and work ur way op higher never take a song thats too high, and everytime there is a highnote just try to push with your belly/stomach when ur singing the high note.. will help you


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              I did do a pitch correction of a full step. Unfortunately doing much more of a pitch change and the background starts to sound funny.