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Just The Way You Are - cover by chadherrella


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  • Just The Way You Are - cover by chadherrella

    click here --> Just The Way You Are - cover by chadherrella

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    I'm Masklin. How was your day?


    • chadherrella
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      Thanks...Found the karaoke vid on youtube. I like this acoustic version. wish i could play guitar

    • Aroidan
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      I love your tone on this song! Bravo

    • ido1957
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    I love your tone on this song as well! Very warm, soft, and full of character!


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      This a great interpretation! I like that you went into more of a head voice for the chorus to make it softer. However, you need to make sure you have enough breath support. Just because it's softer doesn't mean you don't need some power behind it, especially for those higher notes. I think that was the reason you went a tiny bit flat in the first chorus. Otherwise it was excellent!


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        Thanks for that, I enjoyed it. Very good!
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