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May you help me with my singing?


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  • May you help me with my singing?

    Hey everybody how r u?

    please watch this video and tell how can i be better?

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    First off, tune your guitar...lol

    As far as singing, you're very pitchy and it looks and sounds like your breathing shallow. I'd work on pitch and breathing...sounds to me like you'd have a decent voice with some practice.
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      LOL xD ... Sorry i havnt a lot of time my cousin had my guitar, he was playing then he give it to me and i just play. My ear isnĀ“t the best.


    • Masklin
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      Yeah the guitar is not tuned right, and while your voice sounds great timbre-wise, you are off pitch a lot, like staticsound said.

      If you practise, you can go a long, long way. .png" alt=":smileyhappy:" title="Smiley Happy" />

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    If you want to improve and take singing seriously I would recommend getting into a formal routine that you do every day.

    Recording yourself and listening to yourself often is a good first step. 

    There are loads of good teachers giving out great free information on the web, brett manning, jessie nemitz, shelby rollins to name a few, you will find them on you tube. 

    Things you need to work on, cord closure is a first step, finding your chest voice is a first step right now it's just weak and airy you have nothing to lean on which is why it's pitchy and lacks precision. Once you find chest voice you can start building your voice. 

    I have a channel youtube.com/cwehden as well I have made a lot of videos lately and will be posting them every week from now on for at least the next 3 months. In fact I don't have a video about chest voice so i'll make one addressing this issue, Carl


    • chadherrella
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      Yes...recording your voice will help a lot. Get a good mic. Bad quality mic and recordings won't help you.

      Chest voice - I'm not sure is a good idea - instead practice trying to keep the vocal cords open as much as you can..the vocal cords naturally close when you start to talk or sing notes so you only have to focus on keeping them open


      Keeping them open will require techniques...1.) breathing, 2.) attacking the notes a certain way, 3.) etc etc...takes practice...make notes and update them as you find new techniques or replace the old techniques with new ones.

    • staticsound
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      ^what?!...noooo. Cwehden hit the nail on the head. Cord closure brother...trying to sing with open vocal cords would be more or less falsetto...which is kinda what you're doing now. Not falsetto, but your tone is weak and airy because you're not connecting.