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  • Weird question...

    I'm not a vocalist/singer at all... but I do like to (try to) sing now and then.  I have a weird problem that I have not been able to find any information on.

    Whenever I sing, my nose burns and my eyes will water.  I thought you guys would be the best people to ask... google has been unhelpful so far.

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    Weird - never heard of it.
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      Same here, never heard of it and it never happend to me. Maybe go see a doctor.

      The only thing I can think of is that something might be wrong with your sinussis. I'm no expert in this so I'm just guessing over here ^^. But it shouldn't happen when you sing.

      When I was younger my eyes started to water when I sang a more emotional song, but if it happens in every kind of song then something might be wrong. To be sure, go to a doctor. He'll be able to tell you what's wrong (if there is anything wrong ofcourse).