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This is what it takes to win American Idol?

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  • This is what it takes to win American Idol?

    Really? If I sang like this ive, I would never get hired...


    Found this as I was looking for the song to cover at our next gig since it's so popular...his management should pull this video...


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    Lots of possible reasons why this guy is singing crappy. Sickness, tired, hungover, STD, etc. He's got better videos on YT if you look around. We've all had bad days.
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    • rodclement
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      Can u guys imagine booking a gig in the national spotlight and delivering that performance? Hell, the local bar owner would kick my ass if I sang like that...his own song non the less! Get with the program dude!


    • staticsound
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      Chuck Norris can win Idol just using sign language...

    • chamcham
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      Jessica Sanchez should've won instead.

      She and Joshua Ledet were best performers in the last season of Idol.

      If she hadn't chosen that stupid last song that was meant to be her single. I don't get how songwriters make something that completely isn't the artist. But since the artist have no power, the artist does whatever the labels/executives shoves down their throat. 


      Well at least she's signed to Interscope Recordsand was given a recurring role on the 4th season of Glee.