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Please Help: New to singing barritone


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  • Please Help: New to singing barritone

    I’m 28, and I am a songwriter/guitarist, I want to be a singer (I will be a singer.) For as long as I remember I thought I was a tenor. I could hit the notes but not very well at a higher volume and was very quiet when I would do open mics. So I decided to get some lessons and to my surprise I’ve been doing it all wrong. I had no idea I was a baritone and I was trying to force myself to sing tenor. Does anyone have any advice to work on my baritone singing? I feel as if I have to rewrite some songs and have to learn to sing in that range. I still find myself trying to go too high because of habit but it sounds awful.:robothappy: Any advice is appreciated. 

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    My advice would be to definitely write songs that are in your range. But on another note, don't pigeonhole yourself into thinking you can only sing in the baritone range. With the right teacher and technique, you can sing well into the tenor range.

    The baritone and tenor range do overlap...
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      Yeah don't impose imaginary limits on your voice. It won't help you.

      But it is true that there is a certain range within which you sound your best - if you believe that that range is more or less equal to the canonical baritone then I suggest you keep to songs that are say... 3-5 seminotes below the average radio song (sung by a male). Female songs you could probably just drop an octave, depending slightly on the singer.

      For inspiration, you could try Josh Turner, Randy Travis, Cat Stevens, Leonard Cohen (when he was young), Bob Dylan, etc.


      When you sing around what you feel is low, try not to think of it as low - sing it as you would a high note. If you don't, you risk changing your timbre in a way that makes you lose clarity and sound a bit weird.


      Good luck!

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      :robotlol:Thank you for your responses; more than you know it is very helpful and gives me a unique insight. I know you can’t limit yourself to singing in a baritone range but I do find it helpful that I know what my range is and what my limits are until this point in this journey.


      This is going to sound silly, but up until recently I never had an interest in learning the science behind singing and music theory. I didn’t even understand that I had a range to begin with. The reason I mention this is because this is all new to me.


      I wrote a song in Spanish and when I sing it I feel comfortable because it’s well in my range. Another song I wrote in English is written with a tenor in mind because I wanted to sound like my some of my heroes that happen to be tenors. I didn’t understand there was a difference until now. When I sing in a key that’s at the high end of my range it limits where I can go and I don’t feel as comfortable.I think this is why I sing the Spanish song better, but than again I am new to this. 


      ENGLISH SONG: http://youtu.be/X_XRS0kajDg



      SPANISH SONG: http://youtu.be/8avUBMy1OXQ




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    Many artists have made a great career out of singing in lower ranges. Think of how big Ian Anderson got with his low range singing with Jethro Tull. 

    That said I will agree with the others above. Look for a classical singing teacher and learn the techniques to resonate your voice and you may be surprised at how high you might get. I started singing in my chest voice and sang parts like Eponine in Les Mis. After finding the right teacher I have sung songs up to a D6 recently. There are a lot of so called teachers out there that arn't very good. Be sure to search a bit and not settle for the first one.