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Vocal advice please :)

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  • Vocal advice please :)

    Hey people!

    I started to practice singing regularly since a year maybe, but I still got problems to sing properly. My voice often hurts and its sometimes really hard to sing any high notes.


    Check out my cover of Ed Sheeran - The A-Team


    I appreciate any feedback or some hints on what I do wrong or good...

    Thanks for reading/watching!

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    Well firstly I thought your singing was good. The only thing I thought while watching was you didn't breathe often or obviously but still did well considering this is a very busy song (lots of words). How about using those headphones for better vocal monitoring? You'd need to mic your voice and guitar for that to work properly.

    This is quite a boring song that doesn't have a lot of variety in it - not your fault - but it would be god to see another song with more to it melody wise..

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    • Masklin
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      Your voice sounds great when you sing a relatively long vowel. You need to focus on treating every single syllable as if it was a long vowel - it should resonate just as clearly.

      Good luck!

    • Haude92
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      Thanks much for the advice and the feedback! I will work on that!

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    Nice cover! I'm also new to singing but I was told not overdo it when it comes to hitting high notes. You should sing within your range first. Do some vocal excercises everyday then challenge yourself to hit a note above your vocal range and eventually it'll get comfortable.