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I need advice on improving my voice ._.


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  • I need advice on improving my voice ._.

    Hello my name is Sule I am new to this site and I have been trying to sing for about 2 months now. I don't have a vocal coach but I am looking for a job so I can afford one. I have uploaded a video on YouTube and I hope you can judge it as much as you want without it being a troll fest xD But I sincerely need advice, thank you.

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    Hey, you're off pitch most of the time. Most notably on the higher notes:


    Come up to meet you,

    tell you I'm sorry

    You don't know how lovely you are

    I had to find you, tell you I need you

    Tell you I set you apart


    In addition, you're very off pitch on the words 'lovely you are', and 'set you apart'.


    Do you hear this, or does it sound fine to you?

    I'm Masklin. How was your day?


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      Thank you for your reply Masklin. I have now noticed that my pitch is terrible. I did some quick research on getting the pitch right and some of the things may explain why I can't do it? I lose my breath quite easily is one of them and I am not sure if I am singing from my diaphragm, so I will have to try some techniques to hopefully make it better. Do you have any sugestions that may help me?

    • Masklin
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      We're here to help!


      Personally, I would never blame diaphragm and/or breathing problems when the pitch is off. Pitch is primarily controlled by an ensemble of muscles in and around your larynx and throat (as far as I know, anyway). You simply need to try again and again to adjust your pitch until you can control it musically (that is, do intervals in songs).


      The reason behind your being off pitch on the words 'are' and 'apart' is probably that you don't reach high enough on the words 'lovely' and 'set' (lovely you are / set you apart).


      Being on pitch is very hard to teach, especially over an internet forum. I suggest you start with the basics - try to imitate notes you hear. The notes you hear could be from a guitar, piano or other instrument, or you could use some computer software (like audacity or some MIDI program). You could even record yourself humming a single note or whatever and then record yourself trying to imitate that.


      I'm not sure how this helps exactly, because the brain is way complicated, but simply exposing yourself to your confusion will cure it in time, I'm quite sure.


      Final thought: Your pitch problem could also be that you simply don't know the song well enough yet. It's a lot harder to sing a song that you haven't listened to ~100 times, compared to ~10 times.


      Let us know how it goes!

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    You are consistent - off key all the time. Practice more and concentrate on what you're singing. The song is not that high so it's not a range thing.  

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      Thank you both. I really appreciate your help. I am going to work hard and definitely try your suggestions... Wish me luck xD