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The Hobbit - Misty Mountains Cold - Elena House


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  • The Hobbit - Misty Mountains Cold - Elena House

    I just got back from giving my concert in Switzerland. I'll be making a video of it as soon as the producer mixes the music. It was such a great experience! All the musicians were great to work with.


    I am getting around to starting my new Youtube channel since to old one was hacked.

    Here is my latest video from the soundtrack "Misty Mountains Cold" from the movie "The Hobbit". 



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    Ver nice video Elena. Who did the filming? Seems like a lot of effort went into this one. So many classic scenes and camera angles, I just loved it.

    Keep up the good work and good luck.


    • RobertHouse
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      Thanks Bruno.

      I had the whole crew with me at Rock City...Mom and Dad. LOL

      Dad edited the video and made his first special effects with the Fire breathing Dragon. It took all day carrying all the equipment and blocking off sections to get shots without tourists. When I walked across the rope bridge in the beginning you can see someone got in the shot way in the background. We're calling him an Orc for now.


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    I love this video and your character.  Will you be making more videos with this warrior character?