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  • Good Recording Mic?

    I want to start recording myself singing both to be able to hear where I need more help and to get an idea of what types of music my voice is best for.

    I only have a headset mic right now and it definitely isn't working. So what mic is easy enough for someone new to recording quality mics to use, but still has good quality?

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    I was looking at this one because I don't have any recording equipment and it plugs straight into my pc.



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      Yup. That's a good one


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        If you have the money, get 2 mics:

        A condenser mic (for studio-quality recordings)

        A dynamic mic (for live recordings)

        I would recommend:

        Condenser mic - MXL V67G

        Dynamic mic - Electro-Voice N/D767a


        • Anderton
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          I didn't expect to be impressed by this mic from TC Electronic, but it gets a lot of things right. It's a dynamic, but has a little more brightness than something like an SM58.

          Remember that mics and voices are a pair. What sounds good with my voice might not sound good with yours, and vice-versa. I sing fairly close to the mic and do use processing, and the MP-70 is sort of optimized for that. It's best for live, but it's a good studio mic too. OTOH for narration I use an AT-3035 condenser...entirely different application.

        • deepflight
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          Maybe this isn't 100% relevant, but I was given a SM58 for Christmas, with an XLR to USB connector.  It hooks up to my computer very easily and it sounds great to me.