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New Recording - Opinions of Vocals?


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  • New Recording - Opinions of Vocals?

    Hey guys!

    I just recorded a new track!

    I know the vocals aren't great, but I'd love to hear your opinions/advice on what I should do, if you have a minute to listen!


    Thanks very much!
    Please check out my Blues/Soul duo. We're strongly influenced by Hendrix and Ray Charles!


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    Hi Shaw,

    I like the funky sound - nice guitars - and i like your vocal too. It is very low pitched vocals, and they are mayby a little bit out of tune in some parts of the song. Keep the support "on" constantly so that you do not loose pitch and sound. Good work :-)


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      Thanks Stormo, really appreciate it! Yeah, definitely need to work on my support. I've been trying for a while, but hopefully I'll get a couple of breakthroughs soon!
      Please check out my Blues/Soul duo. We're strongly influenced by Hendrix and Ray Charles!



      • Bruno Fortes
        Bruno Fortes commented
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        I think you're singing is decent enough for this style of music. I mean, you're attacks are not pitchy. Most trouble I hear is in sustaining pitch. Breath control. But it works fine with the verses, because it makes it sound like you're addressing someone personally.

        The doubling you did in the chorus is nice, and I guess in this case pretty much necessary. Mostly because you're having trouble maintaining pitch with those longer phrases in the chorus.

        This kind of stuff eventually self-corrects when you start singing scales on a daily basis. Like perhaps half an hour everyday.

        Try this:
        Set a metronome to 76 BPM, sit at the piano or grab your guitar and start humming from C3 to C4 in one breath. Can you do that? Can you also go up and back down to C3 in one breath at this tempo?

        That would be just a quick evaluation of your current level of breath control. From there it shouldn't be too hard to figure out how you can get to that next level you're aiming at.


        Good luck!

      • Song Bird
        Song Bird commented
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        Vocals are decent?  I disagree.  I love your voice and I love the song.  I wish I learned to play the guitar when I was younger.  When I divorced I picked it up for the first time but I was busy finally living my teens and 20s although I was in my 30s.  I chose the easy route and went to karaoke bars by myself where no one knew me and I would drink shots of jaiger before going on stage.  lol  I have stage freight something terrible.  Do you like/know Brandi Carlile and/or the Indigo Girls?  I love singing to them.  I found this site as I was looking for what kind of vocal equipment to get so I can record a little better quality than I have been for the past seven years.  I have HOURS, possibly days, of audio but no music accompanying any of it and my mic is very basic and I have nothing else but me and the mic.  Any suggestions?  Thanks for sharing.