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  • Where Do I Fit In?

    My vocal range, from absolute lowest to absolute highest (without going falsetto) is the equivalent to an open A string to about two octaves up. Only problem is the higher notes start to crack and sound pretty crappy at about the one and a half area.

    1.) What am I? A tenor or what?
    2.) Is there any way to extend my range or is falsetto the only option? Because my falsetto sounds like crap. I can't stabilize a note and end up out of key.
    3.) How do you "fix" a broken falsetto? I'd like to have it to use at my disposal for songs like The White Stripes cover of "Jolene" and "I Believe In A Thing Called Love"
    4.) On a more pride oriented note, how extensive is my range as of right now?

    Sorry to blast you with a bunch of questions lol, but I'm vocally dumb (kudos to those that get that.) I'd really like to have a more adequate singing voice. I do a lot of Zeppelin style rock and would like to have a more god-like voice :P

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    1) Roughly, but don't get hung up on labels like that. Telling yourself you're a tenor, baritone, or whatever, can lead to unnecessary tension as you "know" the notes you "shouldn't be able to do."

    2) Short answer: lessons Longer answer - it's likely that you haven't learned how to access head voice, so you flip straight into falsetto as soon as you've pushed your chest voice as high as it will go.

    3) See short answer to (2) It's likely that your breath control needs work. Falsetto notes actually require more air than full voice notes of the same pitch.

    4) Two octaves without falsetto is normal. Nothing to be ashamed about, not spectacular either. But don't get obsessed by range so much that you neglect to develop tone, control, vibrato, expression... all the things that make for a good vocal performance.

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