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  • ***Cover songs feedback***

    Hey Guys, Im new here but i've heard that this is the place to come to for musical advice. I have been playing guitar for about 3 years now and recently took up piano about 6 months ago, for the past year i have been trying to become a singer as well, i have some songs up so i figure since there are great musicians on here why not ask for some feed back.
    Here is my channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/ransta50?feature=mhum
    This is my "The Scientist - coldplay (cover)": http://www.youtube.com/user/ransta50?feature=mhum#p/u/6/Y2UoTIhjh7E
    Any feedback on how to improve would be great guys thanks !

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    Welcome fellow Torontonian

    I think your singing isn't bad. You sound like you have a fairly high voice. You don't seem to strain when singing the F#4. There were a couple of pitch issues here and there, but nothing major. Your higher range seems to be better than your lower range. Your lower range seems to be a bit weak, but its typical of younger singers, especially lighter-voiced ones.

    One word of caution, you should monitor your throat and make sure that your adam's apple isn't shooting upwards too much (similar to a swallowing action).
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      I love this song. Did a version of it myself once.

      Your voice is good...you're in tune...the particular song is too fast and kinda seems to get faster as you go...you went off the note quite a lot on "circles" in the first verse, but I really liked how you sang "Nobody said it was easy"...that sounds really nice...but then "I'll take you back to the start" was kind of above where you wanted to be in terms of the notes sung I think.

      Overall, it's good.
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        Thanks a lot guys i haven't taken any lessons so your advice is my lessons, thanks for the feedback


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          oh and I was just wondering if there is any sort of excercises or techniques to maybe strengthen my lower range, and even my higher range, there is always room to improve. Any help would be great guys thanks.


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                I think you did a nice job, I listened to your fix you cover afer and thought you did a really great job with that one.  You have a nice voice 


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                  I also listened to your fix you cover and it was pretty good. You stood in tune most of the time and you had a nice tone to listen to. Good job keep practicing.