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Finding the right note?

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  • Finding the right note?

    I've been studying vocals off and on for awhile now and I am in need of some help. When I'm covering a song, I find myself manipulating it a little too much. It feels like I don't have the ear to notice the difference between which notes are which so I'll improve to try to find the right note. The issue comes when I want to sing the song again later and do the same methods. I'll forget how I sung it. How do you guys keep track of these things? Do you just sing it over and over until its implanted into you? Or do you figure out the actual notes and memorize those?
    I hope I'm making since. I'm trying my hardest to learn, but its not coming easy to me.

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    Figure out the exact notes and memorize it.
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      I tend to just memorize the whole song exactly as I hear it. If I really like a song enough to bother doing this, I learn it by listening intently to the first portion of the song, and then singing along with it and memorizing that first section. Then I move on to the next section. Once I'm familiar with this section, I then go back and sing through the song from the beginning, before moving on to the final section and learning that. I do this until I have it all familiarized and by this time, I can hear the original song in my head even when it's no longer playing, and I merely sing it as it was sung by the original singer.
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        GRACE!!!!! I missed you. What have you been up to?

        In response to the post, I suggest practicing so your body has the muscle memory of the song or listening to the song on repeat until you know it inside out. That last method is convenient but can be problematic because you know the song but don't have any memory of how to perform it in your own body so it's really easy to slip into bad technique to achieve what you might perceive as the right sound.
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          Thank you everyone with your suggestions. I know what the path to take now.


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            Hey Vardy!!!!! I've missed you too!!! My world is going along ok...anything exciting happening for you?
            All things must pass...