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    A couple of friends and I are planning to audition for our middle school's talent show. However, I have never been in a formal music class, but I love to sing. I don't know what octaves are or what tone of voice I am. My old school didn't have chorus and I didn't take it this school year. I put it as an elective next year for high school though. However, when I was like six, my cousins and I had a singing group. I've been singing since forever. I know I don't have too bad of a voice but I still really don't understand pitch and other technicalities. What are some things I can work on or practice. I'll try to post a recording of me singing tomorrow after tennis practice. My friends want to sing I'm Yours and Little Talks. After looking both up today, Little Talks seems hard for amateur singers- even if one of my friends is in chorus. What are other songs you recommend for amateur singers that will help us win. Personally I love say Say Something but it's also hard with Christina's range. How bout I sing that on the recording?! And two of the people in our group are boys. They were going to play guitar but they could sing Say Something with Bailey and I! Please help me sort this out. My mind is in overdrive!

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    Btw I didn't mean to post that other topic. I'm typing this on my phone and accidently hit the post button


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      Simple thing, if you haven't already tried...

      Listen to a recording of yourself (especially acappella).

      Your recorded voice and how you hear yourself may be quite different.


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        Find a song that all three of you like and know by heart. Then you have to decide how to split up the verses/choruses - which mean you have to figure out what part each person can sing in tune. Harmonies always take it to another level so work on those too.
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