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Nel cor più non mi sento - (Requesting HELP here).

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  • Nel cor più non mi sento - (Requesting HELP here).

    I'm starting as a voice/vocal major student in university. It's my first semester and I never have had previous experience with music sheets before. (Self-Taught)

    I'm trying to learn the song arrangement, but I just never get it right. I can play the notes on my guitar or keyboard, but I just can't do the rhythm right.

    ''Caro Mio Ben'' has been the only one I have perform decently. ''Nel cor più non mi sento'' is my second assigned song, and I just can't get it!

    Can any of you help me by doing a recording or explaining to me what do?
    If any of you can do both, I'll really appreciate it.

    You can find the music sheets here: { removed link } and here... { removed link }
    I just uploaded them requesting help.

    All help will be appreciated!

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      My advice to you is to listen to a good recording, ask your instructor/professor to recommend one, while following along with the sheet music. If there is a particular place in the song you have trouble with, try counting it out really slowly. Sometimes it also helps to practice by humming or singing a vowel sound rather than the lyrics, it may be that adding lyrics in a language you don't know is tripping you up. By separating it, it might be easier to get it straight in your head.

      Here's Renata Tebaldi:

      Here's Joan Sutherland, but there's another song inserted in the middle:

      And here's Pavarotti, just for something different:


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        Thank for your reply ''deepflight''. I'm trying to get the hang of it. I'm still not close. My professor is a very strict man, that wants to use arrangements not commonly found online.
        I really need help. I feel like I'm failing all the way. I play it on the guitar and the notes on the keyboard, but singing (memorizing notes), and reading what's on the paper is quite a little difficult for me. I still don't get the 6/8 rhythm feel.
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          Do you understand 3/4 waltz rhythm? It's sort of like that, but emphasis is on 1 and 4. ONE - two - three - FOUR - five -six. Get a metronome, it might help.

          As for the arrangement, unless your professor is using an arrangement where the melody itself is different, listening to the various masters sing the song should still be useful.