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  • Name this technique?

    I've noticed a technique that some singers use in which, normally at the end of a phrase or long note, they 'jump' up in pitch, usually using falsetto, to a much higher note than the one they're on, and then carry on as normal. It's very subtle, and hard to describe, but one artist I've noticed it in is Janet Devlin, such as here at 1:36 on the word 'quite' and 2:18 on the word 'I'- you can quite distinctly hear here that she very quickly jumps up a fourth from the F to the Bb.

    Does anyone know a name for this?? It's almost like a very subtle form of yodelling
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    Sure - why not call it yodelling?
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      I think its just a subtle yodel. Sarah McLachlan is well known for using this technique.
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        Definitely a form of yodeling. Peter Gabriel does it a lot too.
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