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How high can a baritone sing?

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  • How high can a baritone sing?

    I'm pretty sure I'm a baritone, my range is about G2-G4. I'm not quite happy with that range though. I really want to be able to hit an A4 but it seems just out of reach. I find that when I'm just below it, at G#4, my voice gets pretty loud. When I attempt to go up a half step to A4 I always squeak and flip into falsetto. Are there exercises that can help with this, or is G4 just as high as I will sing?

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    Voice type is not just about vocal range, but also the vocal timbre as well. In most cases, baritones usually top out around A4 or A#4 in full voice. Either way, vocal range can increase over time with proper practice.
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      I agree with Davie, baritones should be able to half-shout their way up to ~A4.

      If you can't sing lower than G2, chances are that you're a baritone or tenor. Your technique is probably off if you can't reach the A4. Best course of action is probably to find a vocal coach. Good luck with that!

      You could try the internet of course but it could be dangerous. No one is there to warn you if you're doing something very wrong.
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        Thanks for the advice guys. I do plan to see a vocal coach when it becomes an option for me. I have been using the internet for a while now and I think I might be doing something right at least because I couldn't previously hit the G4 that I'm able to hit now. So I guess I just need to keep practicing!


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          A4 seems to be a common passagio point for natural baritones. In other words, your larynx muscles will have to work in a different way to hit that note in full voice - it's not just a matter of contracting them harder.

          A vocal coach might be able to help, but I think it's mostly a matter of trying it over and over until you manage to stumble on the "right" technique (if you are able to do it at all). For me, I learned to aim my voice more towards the roof of my mouth than towards my teeth, but I have no idea if that's a technique that has worked for others, or whether it even makes any sense to anyone but myself.

          Anyway, after that it's a matter of practicing -- once I learned how to hit an A4 I worked up to a full-voice E5 (on a good day), with the same technique (as far as I can tell).