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BG vocals WTD. Pro timeless PoP project

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  • BG vocals WTD. Pro timeless PoP project

    ~~Songwriter/Vocalist/Recording engineer/PRODUCER seeks talented vocalists to work on exciting projects.
    Vocal oriented, timeless POP. . .happening here! Could be lead. Really need great BU singer too.
    Harmony fanatic wanted who can sing high parts and complex harmonies (Beach Boys/Beatles/Byrds/Mama's & Papa's)
    The last release in 2010. . .new one coming in spring 2014
    Working on the next one currently.
    Sunrise Highway (name of the band) was a 60's/70's influenced album with a serious Beach Boys California sunshine pop sound. Also Bealtes, Byrds, Bacharach, Lovin Spoonful, Todd Rundgren and a lot of classic influences. Layers of golden harmonies everywhere.
    The next release titled "Windows" will have a more diverse sound, but still very vocal oriented with layers of wonderful harmonies. Timeless Pop, yet a more modern Indie Rock sound. This time its really Beatles,Who, Neil Young, Buffalo Springfield, Moody Blues.
    Also power pop like the Who and Cheap Trick as well as R&B and New Wave and folk rock like the Byrds, The Band and heavier garage rock too.
    On many best release of 2010 lists
    Super reviews.
    The songs speak for themselves! Reviews are great.
    I am located in NYC but am looking for a vocalist with their own home studio or access to one. Now with dropbox etc. it is so easy for talented people to work together all over the world. Do it all the time!
    I just send you the backing track and I'll also send you samples of what the parts are....perhaps you can try some of your own and sing lead on a track or two.

    This will be on "spec" which means you will get paid if there is a song placement (it has happened). . .but if you are doing it cause you like the songs and you want to get your voice on to some great recordings this is a smart move and I assure you that it will be a very rewarding experience. Our next release will be reviewed on many sites.
    Sunrise Highway already sells more downloads than many Indie bands. . .but in this environment that is not saying much. Still it is encouraging. So far all funds go into recording, mixing and gear.
    Excellent pro musicians and recording engineers will be involved in this project.
    I am also an expert in vocal pitch correction . . .using Melodyne. In return I could "fix" some vocals you have in return for your help. Of course the point is I want someone who I won't have to fix, but a talented engineer can fix tiny things and phrasings that keep the original sound and personality but make it sound much better.
    send links with samples of your vocal work!
    Some videos:
    Breathe – from upcoming release.
    Endless Summer
    Baby Be Good (total Beach Boy happiness) Summer

    BG vocals WTD. Pro timeless PoP project

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    Good luck finding someone - sounds like a great project!
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