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    I'm wanting to be able to sing well, and I am thinking of getting a singing program. The ones I've found to have the best reviews are Singing Success, Four Pillars of Singing, and The Ultimate Vocal Workout. What program works the best?

    Please don't tell me to get a vocal teacher; I've tried and it didn't work out,and there aren't a lot near me.

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    The one that's worked best for me is Ken Tamplin's How to Sing Better than Anyone Else. His stuff has really worked for me, and he offers a lot of material for the money you're paying.


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      I haven't used any of those vocal programs. But from what I've heard from others, not every program will work for everyone. I have tried a more speech-level approach in the past and I would not recommend anything that's based on a speech-level method. I've also heard of singers using that approach and their voices simply fall apart after a few years.

      My voice only started to develop properly when I started working with my voice teacher, Jeff Stanfill. He is currently working to release his own instructional DVD within the next few months. If you're interested then just let me know.
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