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How to make falsetto louder?


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  • How to make falsetto louder?


    when you are switching between normal voices

    excuse ****************ty singing

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    Hmm, I haven’t listened to your clip (at work AGAIN *groan*) but in my mind, the switch between normal singing and falsetto is only that noticeable because the falsetto IS considerably quieter than the normal singing, isn’t it? If it was the same volume, wouldn’t it sound less impressive in terms of the contrast?

    Again, I haven’t listened to you, but if you’ve got an issue I’ve heard (mainly in guys) where their falsetto is extremely quiet (too quiet, even for falsetto), I’d say you just have to do strengthening exercises and get some tuition specifically directed at this. *shrug*
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      Haven't listened to the clip but in my experience falsetto is much louder than modal register.
      I absolutely can't sing quietly in falsetto and all music teachers or directors I have sang for, ALL complain that I dont sing loud enough (modal register).
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        The one and only way to make falsetto louder is to PUSH or use a microphone.

        In modern terms, falsetto is defined as having the vocal folds 'draw apart' and only allowing the tips to vibrate (hence the airy sound - you're literally letting air out.)

        Falsetto barley resonates in the body, so the only way to make it louder is to push.

        However, if you wanted a louder alternative to falsetto, I would recommend head voice. This is what's known as falsetto (when used in men) for classical singing. Not only is this more versatile, but it would also allow you to smoothly blend your sound with the chest and mixed voice.
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        ... If all else fails make the guitarist do it.....

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