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Which vocal processor with keyboard?


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  • Which vocal processor with keyboard?

    I would like to enhance vocals with keys.
    I have a Yamaha Motif XS7. Love it. I play keys and sing lead in a cover band with a drummer, bass player and rhythm guitarist. Stuff from all decades. We have a PA which gives some vocal effect. I have a set up that also allows recording with cubase. I also play a set with just the drummer and can play alone using the performance function of Motif having programmed in many covers with drums bass and other instruments mimicked by keys.
    I like the look of digitech vocalist or TC Helicon Harmony M to go with keys. I want delay chorus reverb harmonies and option of tone correction and maybe some more modern techno type effects on voice. I have really only just started looking. The existing threads didn't seem to cover this exactly. What vocal processor should I get? I am happy to spend from US$400 to 800. Are there any reviews that compare different processors?

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    Don't know much about the Digitech stuff, but on the TC Helicon side you'll have to come up with $$$ if you want pitch correction, special effects, and harmony. The Harmony-M will do some of what you're looking for, but not pitch correction and not techno-like vocal effects. The VoiceTone Create pedal will do techno effects but not pitch correction and not harmony; the VoiceTone Correct pedal will do pitch correction but not reverb/delay and not harmony.

    The unit that will do all of this is the VoiceLive 2, which is at the very top of your budget: $800. TC Helicon makes good stuff, so it's probably worth it given your interests.
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      I'll second all of the above. My keyboard player uses Harmony M, But Voice Live 2 would do it all. You might be able to find a deal on an original Voice Live, which would be an economical way to get a lot of effects.


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        Thanks for the advice. I have ordered the TC Helicon Voice Live 2. It is about twice the price of the Harmony M but seems to do quite a bit more and I would prefer these other features and am prepared to pay the extra price hike.
        My son has a Digitech guitar pedal which is good but the TC Helicon stuff looks a step up in quality and they appear to be more specialised on vocal processing. The digitech vocal processors seem to concentrate on guitarist whereas the TC Helicon stuff seems equally focussed on keyboad players.

        Has anyone had the Harmony M and traded up to Vocal Live 2 and compared them?

        I had a quick play with the Harmony M at a local store but it is hard to get much of a feel as to capability of these things without buying one it seemed to me and hence my decision to spend a bit extra and get the Voice Live 2.

        There seems to be debate over the use of vocal processors but I find that strange. All instruments including human voice have had effects applied to them in the modern musical age. For any instrument including human voice there is still a need to concentrate on the music technique and performance. Effects need to be applied judiciously but that is so again for any instrument. I would have thought all modern vocal performers have at least basic vocal effects to enhance sound.
        In the end it is about both Instrument and Technology used together to create the best sounding Music. Even pre electric age instruments use a technology of their era to create music.


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          I have the Harmony G. It's great for what it does. NO experience with the Voice Live 2, though I would like to have one.

          Agree with you on vocal processing. People don't like change. And usually the one's complaining are complaining about the people who are not good to begin with, but then use technology to sound better.

          I don't know about you, but I can definitely tell when a singer is 'made' to sound better. Fake is fake. But a little technology on the voice is like a good spice.