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mic for death metal vocals?


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  • mic for death metal vocals?

    whats the best mic for grunts, growls, screams, gutturals etc.?

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    or can someone tell me what most death metal singers use?


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      I would think that the good old Shure SM58 would be just the thing. We're not exactly talking about hi-fidelity here.
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        SM58 live. For studio use, doesn't really matter as long as you keep them 3' from the mic and have 7 spit guards.
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            you should be able to scream loud enough you dont need a mic or PA. . . . . in all seriousness ive used a shure SM58 for a while now. . . that thing rocks
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              The Shure SM7 can take the loud dbs that grunts, growls, screams, gutturals etc. can deliver.

              +1 on this. Probably best mic for screaming vocals. The band attack attack used this on their new record being put out by Rise.


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                Back when I needed a mic for death metal, my 'guy' at axe (who knows me and my style inside out) said the EV 967 is what i'm looking for. I have it for studio purposes, not sure how road-worthy it is but it's great for studio's, sounds absolutley amazing for my screams. something to consider...
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                  I've heard the SM7 is great for this too, but I've not got my hands on one to try out yet.

                  Personally I've had good results with a 57 and pop filter (through a decent pre), although these days I usually just use a cheapo Studio Projects B1. Lately I've been recording the same vocalist though (black metal projects actually), and his voice just doesn't really go well with the 57. It just accentuates frequencies in his voice that I find irritating enough just being in the same room as him.
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                    The SM-7 is THE mic for screamed vocal, period.
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                      Live - 58 is hard to beat
                      Studio - SM7

                      I'd say a good compressor is equally as important. Gotta compress the **************** out of those screams to get them sounding tight, (which is essentially what you're doing when you're cupping the mic.)