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Yahoo Mail Advanced is Unresponsive in Firefox, Any Ideas?

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  • Yahoo Mail Advanced is Unresponsive in Firefox, Any Ideas?

    Hey guys. I'm using a 3 year old Toshiba laptop, running Win7 64bit version, Firefox 28.0 browser and I got me an issue here.

    After logging into my Yahoo Mail account, the inbox screen is visible, but unresponsive. No mouse activity will register and no mail can be selected. After waiting a few seconds, the Basic Mail pop-up dialog becomes visible and the site can be reverted to the older version of Mail. All the functions of Basic Mail seem to work fine, but I need the calendar, which is not a feature that's provided in this version.

    I tested Yahoo Mail with IE and there are no issues. I restored Firefox two months ago to fix a broken icon problem in Yahoo Mail, but I really don't want to do that again. I tried running Firefox with cache cleared, cookies cleared, all add-ons disabled and replaced the mail url with fresh one. Since Yahoo Mail seems to be the only site giving me this problem, I don't think it's a Java issue.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated, as I do not want to return to IE and Mozilla support has been useless.
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