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    I would like to share with you a free software program.

    Having played guitar and written software, both for a long time, I have developed a suite of music software. The primary purpose is to learn new songs by ear. I usually learn by playing along with the song but some issues are: the original artist plays in a weird key, or he likes to play with guitar tuning dropped a fret, or tuned in between frets, or he plays too fast for me to follow, or there is a tricky riff that gets flushed from my memory by what immediately follows, or I can't figure out a chord. My current suite of tools is called WLink and is available at http:\\ Search for WLINK. The modules (functions) are:

    1  WGEN   - Generate a test audio file. Can be used to generate some guitar tuning WAV files, for example.
    2  WRATE  - Change the sampling rate. Change from 44,100 to 8000 to save disk space, for example.
    3  WANA - Analyze the energy statistics, pitch, and music key.
    4  WALTER - Alter the volume, playback speed, and pitch.
    5  WCOPY  - Copy an audio file. Verifies the WAV format while copying.
    6  WPLAY  - Play an audio file.
    7  WSPEC  - Display the frequency spectrum. Can be used to figure out chords.

    8  WSEG1  - Segment a .WAV file. Create a TXT segmentation file. Separate riffs, chords, bars, rounds, etc.
    9  WSEG2  - Play a segmented .WAV file. Plays the segments created by WSEG1.
    10  SETALL - Set the directories for all programs.
    173   - Uninstall the WLINK software.

    I use WLink every day and I hope someone else finds it useful.


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    Sorry, I forgot to mention - When downloading software from CNET you probably want to DECLINE all offers. The button will be grey but click it anyway.

    BTW if you ever see hao123 displayed on your screen - run. This entity has caused me nothing but problems.


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      There are two WLINK download. Which one should be the right music software?