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Connecting my guitar to Windows

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  • Connecting my guitar to Windows



    I have a Dell Venue 8 Pro, and was wondering if I can connected my guitar to it? Well, I guess I can, but can it work? 

    I have an iRig from before I upgraded from an iPad, but guess I will need a different device, and obviously new amp software. 

    Has anyone got any recommendations for doing this on Windows, in terms of hardware/software?



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    Blue made a mic that never really came to market that worked with the Flip Ultra HD camera. The same technology is very likely available with the micro USB connection on tablets of any kind. You might check Blue Mic's website and see if there is anything available or in development. You could mic a guitar. The issue is signal-to-noise ratio. That USB connection is probably not designed to handle much pre-amp signal on the input side. It is made for in/out signals via headset. So, I am not sure what risks, if any exist without looking at the schematic. The company for whom I work (day gig) repairs these units among others, so, I might be able to find out more.

    If the Micro USB can work with a digital audio workstation console, that would be the way to go. If you overdrive the input within the micro USB, you'll have a big distortion problem.

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      You would think that as a lot of Windows devices also feature multifunction audio ports these days (in/out), it would be fairly simple to get it done. Perhaps not though?