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win xp x64 bit,,will it run at 32 bit?


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  • win xp x64 bit,,will it run at 32 bit?

    Here is my problem. I just rebuilt my computer ,new mobo, hard drive memory case ,well everything. I have installed windows xp sp3. I have 8 gig of ram installed. Oh, my processor is dual core intel 3.3gighz. Anyway xp 32 bit only recognizes 4gig of ram. I've been using Sonar producer edition 4. and waves platinum bundle plugins, both of which are 32 bit. So if I got the 64bit version of xp( supposedly xp is really the best for multitrack audio recording, so far on a pc.), can I still run my 32 bit software while the xp recognizes all 8 gig of ram? New waves plugins are $1600.00 thanks

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    probably xp will recognize the 8GB but the 32bit apps will only be able to access 4GB

    Upon hearing this, the master was enlightened


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      Your configuration is marvellous.You should use 64 bit instead of 32 bit.