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  • tablets...

    ok, i know it's not windows, but it's definitely not mac...


    i'm looking for a budget android tablet.  so far, i've been checking out these two:



    the nexus 7 looks great, but no expandability

    nook hd looks good (with expandability sd slot,) but  something just doesn't grab me, idk.


    any suggestions?  mostly using it for internet, some games (so, google play is a must, imo.)  would also like to find an app that would be able to incorporate my extensive music collection i have on my mac pro.

    i know, i know, ipad.  but i'm really not excited about having another mac product, especially at their prices.  (hate that the mac support is sh*t, etc.)

    anyway, what are your preferences?

    i miss you, mark
    r.i.p. rudy

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    The Lenovos look good and are pretty cheap. Also Im assuming you know B&N is not making tablets anymore

    Upon hearing this, the master was enlightened


    • 1001gear
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      cdawg wrote:

      1001gear wrote:

      cdawg wrote:
      hmmm, didn't know that, lol. thanks.

      Pertamax = spem

      You may perform the rite.

      reported, for suggesting an opinion that differs from my own.

        Well tablets then.

    • cdawg
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      have i mentioned i hate you?

    • 1001gear
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      Not in so many word, no.

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    hmm..... pertamax.