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  • Old noob looking for recording solutions

    Hi all, I have been playing guitar and singing for 30 years or so and have really never recorded. I have just been given a laptop running windows 7, and I am thinking this might be my opportunity to finally start laying down some of my stuff. I have no idea where to even begin, but I can provide some background info and what I want to achieve and maybe someone out there can steer me in the right direction.

       What I want to do is just make some recordings of my songs, and hopefully build them up and improve the recordings as I learn. I can play most of the instruments I will need, and have some dedicated studio space, though not much. I would aslo like to be able to record my 4 or 5 piece band (rock) live. The only recording experience I have at this point is fooling around with an old Porta 2 way back when. So simpler is better. I have basic computer skills, but to be clear, I will need something simple to use and edit. Consider me a computer idiot. I don't need anything fancy, don't need midi, synthesizers, etc., just want to record what instruments I have.

        So I guess I'm looking for advice on what software might suit my needs, which are pretty basic; I just want to be able to put my original music down, track by track, and edit it as needed to make something decent sounding.Oh yeah, I am not a wealthy person, so affordability is key as well. Thanks to all who can guide me!


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    Hi Dave,


    Since this is a recording specific question, you might want to try asking over on my forum (The Studio Trenches) or in the HC Recording forum. You should be able to get some helpful advice in either place.



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      Go download Reaper.

      It is free to try ("demo" is fully functional with only a nag screen) and a personal license is only $60.

      Tons of features, easy to use, great user community. Works great with less-than-massive systems.

      Tim O'Brien