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Cheap laptop

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  • Cheap laptop

    A friend is interested in making basic tracks using a cheap laptop.

    Are there any software packages (Cubase etc) that are less resource hungry than others?

    He will only need a very basic drum machine and the ability to record a few guitar tracks and a vocal.

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    Reaper is much cheaper, just as capable and very lean on resources.

    (I ran 16 tracks on a NETBOOK just fine.)
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    • erikyglesia
      erikyglesia commented
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      TimOBrien wrote:
      Reaper is much cheaper, just as capable and very lean on resources.
      (I ran 16 tracks on a NETBOOK just fine.)

      Yes, I agree that Reaper runs very smoothly. Highly recommended for its flexibility as well.

      But no, it hasn't got any drum machine.




    • kasiviswanath
      kasiviswanath commented
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      looking for the cheap laptop than u assamble ur laptop in computer shop or go for thosiba,acer.

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    Thanks. I have heard of this before but never used it.

    Do you know if it has a built in drum machine?


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      Cubase is pretty good a minimizing Midi pressures on the CPU. (Way better than Garage Band.) It's not free, but it is Windows and Mac compatible. I've used it on both and there aren't very many differences in how it works. You can install it on any machine, but it will only run with the license Dongle in a USB port on the computer used.


      • T.B.
        T.B. commented
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        Mixcraft 6 - http://www.acoustica.com/mixcraft/

        They have different price points so, its up to you what you want to spend.  Very intuitive recording software, start recording in minutes.

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      If u are looking for the cheap laptop than u assamble ur laptop in computer shop or u go for the any brand than go for thosiba,acer.


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      LMMS. Pattern-based composition (i.e., drum machine) plus audio recording. It's a simple FL-Studio/Garage Band clone and it's free. Even though the name means "Linux MultiMedia Studio" there are 32- and 62-bit Windows versions.


      Or try the FL-Studio demo.
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      As I recall, Fruityloops (now FL Studio) has craploads of plugs (drums included) - it's pretty deep.. $199

      Good luck!!

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