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    Hi there Win Forum.

    In the general confusion of moving from XP to 7 some really dumb - to me anyway, oversights came to mind. A couple off the top of my head:

    Why does the Windows Clock/Calendar do nothing but allow you to set the date and time? Couldn't there be appointments and alarms for the mousing?

    Why doesn't Explorer have options for enumeration of files and viewing folder contents of any kind on a numbered list? Does this need elaboration?

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    The "Calendar" you are referring to is called "Task Scheduler" (accessories)... 

    as to browsing files in internet explorer (yuk & why?) but you can - just type "C:\" (without quotes) in the address bar... then address which ever folder you want in the same syntax (dos style)... Windows explorer is easier at this... "On a numbered list".... ????? IDK what you mean, sry...


    IMHO  - the only thing Internet Explorer is good for is: downloading Chrome!!!....


    Good Luck!!

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