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  • Browsers in Windows 7

    All of my windows 7 browsers are not working properly, and sometime do not open after trying several times. May anyone knows the reason please?
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    Internet Explorer should definitely work, since it is built into the OS.

    There is a type of virus/malware that tries to redirect all common browsers first into its own interface, so that you cannot look up ways to remove it. It sounds like you have this type of problem. If it is corrupted in some manner, it will prevent your browsers from working.

    regards, Jack
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      Recently had a friend's new laptop's IE browser refuse to load the MSN webpage. He also had Chrome installed so we tried that and it worked. Don't know what is going on.


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        sometimes updating browsers create this problem try to rollback, remove and install it again


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          install it again


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            May be bacause of some virus or anything like that. Why don't you remove and then install it and if it doesn't effect much then try to format...


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              Whew - this one is "a biggie"...

              First of all, there is no easy way to do this - so lets start at the beginning...


              #1 - uninstall ALL browsers except internet explorer...

              # 2 - go to control panel>internet options & dump all temporary files (except saved passwords)

              #3 - go to acccessories>run and type in "%TEMP%" (no quotes) -- when window opens, DELETE EVERYTHING on the righthand side. There will be approx 2 or 3 that you can't because your "current session" is using them (no worries)

              #4 - go again to Accessories>Run and type in "MSCONFIG" (no quotes) - go to "startup" tab and carefully check everything that is checked and verify that it is everything that you want to be running all the time. Uncheck things that you don't want to run all the time - they will still work, but you will have to manually launch them. (you will have to restart machine after this step)

              #5 go again to Accessories>Run and type CMD - a black (dos) window opens - type in "ipconfig /flushdns" (no quotes) - your response will be "You have successfully flushed the resolver cache" (close when done)

              #6 - Launch internet explorer - go download Chrome from google (leave firefox alone - It crashes all the time notoriously).

              #7 - NEVER use internet explorer again for anything else!!!...

              It should all work fine now...


              Good Luck!!

              .PS - DO NOT screw around with settings in the MSCONFIG tabs - you can REALLY screw up your computer if you don't understand what you are doing!!!!!


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                Internet Explorer,Mozilla firefox,Google chrome and Opera are the best web browsers for Windows 7


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                  Aninternet browser is a software application that enables you to browse the world wide web, locating and accessing webpages. Browsers translate HTML code, allowing you to read text, view images, play videos and listen to audio clips on websites. They also interpret hyperlinks that allow you to travel to different webpages when clicked on. While internet browsers are primarily intended to access the internet, they can also be used to access private information on web servers or through file systems.

                  Internet Explorer,Mozilla firefox,Google chrome , Opera ,safari and avant browsers are the best web browsers for Windows 7.