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Hi, I guess AVG is a pay virus program now , so is there a good free home user one ?


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  • Hi, I guess AVG is a pay virus program now , so is there a good free home user one ?

    Thanks , I know alot of you guys didn't like AVG to begin with , but it was a progran my last (private ) internet co. had /homepaged for virus protectiobn , so I used it for yrsss .

    please let me know your thoughts on a good home user virus protection that doesn't have an annual cost , or any other cost... thanks Kevin
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    thanks ..Kevin

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    I stuck with AVG, upgraded & payed for 3 yrs(about 1 1/2 yrs ago), and so far its worked.
    I get regular updates, warnings, even here on some threads.
    So far so good.


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      Microsoft Security Essentials. Works well and is updated regularly.
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        Hi, I guess AVG is a pay virus program now....

        No, still free....
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        Why don't you try avira. It is also a good software..


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          Try to Norton Antivirus

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        If you're running Windows 7 and have a good NAT firewall (like Netgear), MS "Security Essentials" is all you will need.. I gave up the "antivirus" scams 2+ years ago - and have had no problems at all....

        You have to be mindfull of the sites you go to, and what & where you get "downloads" from... But mostly - it's a ploy from McAffe & Symantec to generate $$$ for themselves... Scaring the public into spendiing big money for protection that can be maintained for free...



        Good Luck!!

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