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Need to install a new game on Windows 7

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  • Need to install a new game on Windows 7

    Knights of the old republic 2 to be precise. I have heard that there can be difficult to do? Can anyone please help? I also no nothing about patching etc.

    - I hope this is the right place for this post
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    Actually i have installed small size games on windows 7. but i don't use it.


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      that game won't work on windows7 why don't you install any other cool game


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        Get an Xbox or ps3 -- less headaches...

        Good Luck!!

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          Crash after starting a new game fixed for windows 7 and 8. Read! ...Because I have windows 8, it is January 3, 2013 and this game is working for me so it will probably work for you. ... Install that then install the d3d9.ll file. 1.