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  • OT: I need a little computer help

    I'm putting together a desktop for my office. I've built several desktops without problems, but I'm not a computer tech.

    New MB, New HD, New sata DVD/CD drive, new ram, new PS.

    I had an old copy of Windows 7 Ultimate I got off Ebay a couple of years ago, cheap. Looks new, shrink wrap, etc.

    So I....

    1. fire it up with the W7 disk in the drive and get 'Windows is loading files' with a status bar across the bottom of the screen.

    2. After a few minutes, the Windows logo with the colorful little flag thingie comes on the screen.

    3. Now, here's where it gets screwy...the computer restarts. It just powers down, then powers back up, and goes back to step 1.

    I have repeated this about a dozen times...

    I called MS support (and surprisingly got a live person in about 5 minutes). I gave them the product key, and was told I had a counterfeit. They refused to help me further, and referred me to a website where I might qualify for a legit copy. Since I don't have all the stuff they require to get a replacement copy, I'll probably have to pony up another $200+ bucks for W7.

    Not all that surprised, really, about the counterfeit. Actually I think it's a developer copy. the installation problem related to the counterfeit w7? It sounds more like as hardware problem to me, but I sure as hell don't know. Any ideas? What to do now?
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    is the hard drive partitioned and formatted?
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      before you go out and spend money.

      download a copy of Unbuntu Linux (its free and similar to windows), burn it to a cd and try installing that on the computer.
      That will at least let you know if the computer is working.
      then you can decide if you want to buy a new copy of windows.

      btw: you can get an OEM system builder version of Win7 for $99. Try amazon or newegg.
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        I would do a low level format before you install ANYTHING ELSE!!!

        The potential for the "counterfeit" copy of Win 7 *MAY* have loaded a bootstrap malware that will screw with any successive instalations and *POTENTIALLY* steal any private info you store...Including your new "key" for a new copy of windows...


        Better safe (& aggravated) ---> than sorry!!!


        Good Luck!!

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