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  • Wireless question

    I noticed small occasional clicks when recording audio on my PC laptop that I was able to fix by disabling wirelsss while recording (not just turning off internet explorer, but disabling in Control Panel).

    Now I am considering using my iPad as a controller for Sony Acid Pro. But that will require enabling the wireless. Am I missing something? Has anyone encountered this challenge?

    Thanks in advance

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    Unfortunately, one of the most important tips for stable Windows laptop performance in live use is to disable the internal wireless. There's an article on using laptops live in the HC Articles Library that you might find useful; by disabling other services, you may be able to free enough of a load on the CPU to be able to use the wireless without issues.
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      Go through the MS configurator (type msconfig in the "run" box) and disable EVERYTHING on the "start up" tab you don't absolutely need (you'll have to restart after this step). Antivirus included (if your not on the web while recording). This will free up most of your overhead. 

      Secondly - you can also go to your "Services" manager and disable everything you're not using...

      Thirdly - don't use wireless OR the USB port... Get a Texas Intruments chipset firewire card/port adapter and go through that...

      That *MAY* stop your "clicking" issue.... 


      Good Luck!!

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