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    Skype - Can instruments be heard each end through mic inputs


    Hope someone can assist here if possible, myself and a band mate who live to far apart for regular rehearsals are trying to use Skype to play each instrument and here each others parts. practice etc.

    At the moment we have at one end Bass player with practice amp that the other user is hearing through a laptop mic.

    The other end is guitar plugged into a POD HD500 which is ocnnected to the laptop by USB.

    Should there/is there a way of getting both instruments direct into each laptop so we both here the a better sound the other end?

    I have tried connecting my HD500 to my laptop into the mic in3.5mm jack but nothing.

    Both laptops are windows PC'd

    hope soemone knows the answer


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    Sorry to say - but NO... 

    Skype will only offer to select a BONIFIDE microphone - not a "line in"...

    And if each of you are using speakers - that mic will feedback the speakers into it as well...

    Best for each of you to use headphones and separate mics (which can be integral to your camera as well - no problem)...


    Good Luck!! 

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    • tecknot
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      If Skpe only accepts the PC's mic input, then why can't a headset work?  Well, it does work with a head set (not just the PC's mic). 

      You can have the Bass player mic his/her amp and send that to the PC's mic input.  But first I would suggest splitting the mic input so that the player can mic him/herself and the bass amp simultaneously.  However, it would be much better if your bass player used an audio interface to send the bass signal to the PC.  And if the interface has two inputs, then one could be used by the bass and the other by the player's (vocal) microphone.  Note that the interface will then need to run in WDM driver mode (as opposed to ASIO) in order for Skype to recognize the interface's input.

      Kind regards,




      P.S.  I have used this method for capturing Skype conversations in my DAW.

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