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Linux Users: Does anyone know how to uninstall Ubuntu 11.04


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  • Linux Users: Does anyone know how to uninstall Ubuntu 11.04

    Need some help, my days with Linux are numbered. Thanks.
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    My goal was/is to be "Campfire Good".

    What's "campfire good"? I've been around some campfires where the players were pretty good.

    So if that is "campfire good"...and that is my goal...Then I guess I'll stick to "candle good" until I improve...

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    Just delete the partitions it's on.
    Tim O'Brien


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      Wanna borrow my sledgehammer??...

      Do what Tim said - Destroy the partitions and re-partition & format, then instal your pref. Op_Sys..


      Good Luck!!

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        Install a better dist like Mint Ubuntu got wierd

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      T.B. wrote:
      Need some help, my days with Linux are numbered. Thanks.

      Trina, before you give up on Linux give PCLOS a shot. It flat blows away anything that's ever had to do with Ubuntu. PCLOS is a derivative of Mandriva and I've been using it for a number of years without any issues.I personally use their KDE desktop on my computers, including this 64 bit laptop and I have their LXDE version running on my wife's PC and mini laptop. They use a rolling update system through Synaptic but you can also use apt-get if you like that better.

      Download and burn the iso and then fire it up so you can check it out. If you like it and decide to install it their install program has a disk manager to use for deleting, resizing or using current partitions, reformatting them and then going on with the install. Grub is the boot loader.

      A note; They will only support issues with programs installed from their repositories because it's all tested to work with PCLOS and because of that there are few, if any problems.

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        Incredible story there. What happened after? Take care!