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    What is the best version of the media player?

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    VLC Media Player
    Tim O'Brien


    • steilstarter
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      VLC Player is the best player.

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    The one that not running in "Windows"..... lol " id="man" src="" alt=":man:" title="Man Very Happy" /> 

    I have to agree, VLC is premium advice...

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      I also think VLC Player is the best player.






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        VLC Media Player is the best

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        • rahulwebtech
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          VLC Player is the best player.

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        Im using VLC Media player..





        • Imthere
          Imthere commented
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          I also like MusicBee but its not open source

        • Kazinator
          Kazinator commented
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          VLC is not "the best".

          On any Windows PC that I use for video viewing, I install Media Player Classic (not directly, but via the K-Lite Codec Pack), and also VLC.

          I like them both. I like the ffdshow framework (bundled in K-Lite) and all its useful dialogs for doing this and that with audio and video in real-time.

          Everything has its little relative advantages and disadvantages.

          The set of codecs and formats that are handled are not exactly the same, so you may run into situations where a file plays better (or at all) with one or the other.

          Here is one: with VLC I was able to play a DVD from the another region that MPC wouldn't play.

          To round things out, I sometimes need to reach for FFMpeg's command line utility to convert videos.

          For instance, last night I was dealing with some .mpg files that wouldn't play properly in anything. The players somehow treated them as being 1 minute long.  If you advanced the video position, the video would play from the correct place, percentage wise, but then move to the finish within a minute and stop (while the audio keeps playing). I whipped out FFMpeg and re-coded the videos to another format. It extracted all the frames and re-encoded, resulting in properly playing videos.



        • kolapsar
          kolapsar commented
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          VLC is best

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        I think VLC player is the best for me. Already I have run 1080P video with this player.

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        • asad4javed
          asad4javed commented
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          I think VLC media Player is a best perform to play any types of video with subtitle

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        I think QQ player is better.Because sometimes VLC don't play some video formats due to low frequency but QQ have no problem with low frequency videos and audios.