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Help with Nuendo and EWQL Symphonic Choirs please!


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  • Help with Nuendo and EWQL Symphonic Choirs please!


    I have the EWQL Symphonic Choirs and I instaled it yesterday. It was not easy to install it in my Windows XP OS, because it gave me a lot of problems with the ILOK, downloading the new authorization setup, installing it again, etc. Well I have it now installed and I can play the standalone application with the wordBuilder, but the thing is that I cannot see it in my Nuendo as I see other libraries I have (like Colossus) which were installed automatically in the plugin folder. I went to the Plugin information in Nuendo to add manually the folder that contains the EWQL symphonic Choirs information without good results, since I selected everything I found and nothing activated the VST.

    The library is installed in my disk C: (C:\program files\Eastwest) and the sounds and samples were installed in the F: disk (F: \EWQL Choirs), which is a slave hard drive with lot of free space.

    I cannot find any .dll file of the Choirs program in both folders, I only find .dlls and folders of the Authorization and the Word Builder in C:/. The word Builder is recognized by Nuendo, but not the Choirs.

    Any idea how I cant use the VSTi to record and modify what I play?

    I appreciate your help in advance.